Best Gynecologist in Calicut

Recognitions and Contributions


Dr. Mili Moni's generous contributions to various organizations have garnered her well- deserved recognition. As the KPHA President for Kozhikode District, She has demonstrated exemplary leadership and has been instrumental in driving initiatives to improve the region's public health outcomes. Additionally, she serves as the Co-convener of the IMA Women’s Doctors Wing Kerala State Branch, where she has been actively promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in the medical profession.

Dr. Mili Moni's extensive experience and dedication to community engagement are further evidenced by her role as the Convener of the Calicut Flower Show. This highly regarded event celebrates the beauty of nature and promotes environmental awareness. She has also served as the State level convenor for Hospital Staff Facilitation Committee, where she successfully implemented programs to improve working conditions and job satisfaction for hospital staff members.

As the IMA Women’s Wing Secretary for Kerala state, Dr. Mili Moni demonstrated exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills in promoting gender equality and empowering women in the medical profession. Her contributions have earned her widespread recognition and admiration from her colleagues and peers, making her an invaluable member of the medical community.

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